THE UK'S most senior counter-terrorism officer has warned that a no deal Brexit will make the country less safe.

In an interview to be broadcast tonight on Channel 4 News, Metropolitan Police Assistant Commissioner Neil Basu, who is Head of UK counter-terrorism policing said that if there were "no negotiated outcome" with the European Union, it would "make this country less safe". 

Speaking to journalist Cathy Newman, he said: "We’ve always been very clear that to have no negotiated outcome at all in this and to lose the security tools that the EU bring us would make this country less safe. 

“We’ve been very clear with government about that, the government have listened, and I know the government are doing what they can to negotiate that deal.”

Ms Newman asked: “But nevertheless, there may not be a deal in the next few weeks, and we will then as a country be less safe?”

Mr Basu replied: “I think you’ve said it, that is the bottom line. But we’ve been very clear about that from the beginning.”

The Metropolitan Police Assistant Commissioner went on to say he and senior colleagues had raised the issue personally with the government in recent weeks.

It comes as David Frost, the UK's chief negotiator, continues talks with the EU in Brussels this week, less than seven weeks before the transition period is due to end.

Downing Street said talks are progressing, however familiar sticking points such as fisheries and a 'level playing field' are still to be overcome.